Lessons and workshops in Beaumes de venise

my profession, my passion

lessons for adults, children, family workshops : all are given in my pottery studio in the vaucluse.

Weekly lessons give you the possibility to learn how to handle clay, experiment with various ways of modelling by making small items, as well as with more complex projects. These lessons are given in my pottery studio in Beaumes de Venise .


Weekly lessons


wednesday   2pm – 3pm

thursday       6pm - 7pm

285€/year   (or 3x95€)

materials and fire are included in the price


monday   9:30am – 11:30am

                 7:30pm - 9:30pm

thursday   9:30am - 11:30am

                 7:30pm - 9:30pm

525€/year   (or 3x175€)

materials and fire are included in the price


For the workshops, there are a few possibilities :

A 2 hours workshop : you can choose the number of times you want to participate.

During these workshops you can make several small items.

A one day workshop, from 10am to 3:30pm,« bring your own lunch »

This idea is perfect for the discovery of modelling pottery. It allows the pleasure of being creative in a convivial atmosphere. Several techniques are taught allowing each student to develop his creation, taking work home at the end of the day, or leaving it in the studio to be fired.

Workshops are open to all, young and old, beginners or experienced.


Comming  workshops:
26,27,  28  octobre 3pm-5pm
8, 9, 10  february
12, 13, 14  april

During the workshop you will discover the process of making a sculpture in clay from start to finish.

You will learn different techniques of modelling according to your project.

You will develop and sharpen your way of looking and touching.

you will have individual help to create the sculpture you choose, realistic or abstract.

It is advisable to bring a model or a photo for use as a reference.

The workshop is open to all, no former exeprience in clay is necessary.

Groups are made of 4 people maximum. A pre-registration and the payment of a deposit is required.



As a school Project

Encourage creativity, improve concentration, develop motor skills by using individual or group work.

Clay modelling is an ideal tool to study real subjects.

  • Build a medieval castle or a yard of prehistoric animals.
  • Discover ancient skills.
  • Imagine our world in the future...


For further information please contact Atelier poterie et modelage in Beaumes de Venise.

About myself

I have been working with clay for over 20 years.
In the beginning I was     working with clay at a potter’s wheel.
centring the clay, concentrating
clay : texture, temperature, humidity, reaction, possibilities.
 then started modelling by hand which lead to integrating clay in my stained glass art-works.
 discovered the pleasure of teaching.
i love helping my students find ways to open up their creativity, see them progress and share their satisfied smile as they finish their pieces.
and so i decided to open the doors of my studio to all those who want to come and learn with me.
Visite my pottery studio in Beaumes de Venise, in the vaucluse department
Come and Enjoy yourself and have a moment of calm and creativity

lessons and workshops

children and adultes

beginners and experienced

Have some time to yourself. Offer a workshop to your children or share it with your family.

I garantie :

  • a relaxed atmosphere
  • teaching for all
  • playful learning
  • Individual help
  • patience and a smile


Why should you come to my pottery studio while visiting the Vaucluse department

In my pottery studio you can touch, feel, model and shape clay, using your hands and your imagination to make whatever items you like.

you can contact me at any time of the year and come with your children, relations or friends for a 2 hour workshop. Discover ceramic work and find your hidden talents in an all generation ambiance.


Opening hours

wednesday, thursday, friday

9am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm


at the market of Beaumes-de-Venise 8am - 12

in my place 3pm - 6pm