My pottery

Discover aspects of my work at the pottery and modelling studio in Beaumes de Venise.

My work in clay is done entirely by hand. I like asymmetric shapes, the random, the imperfect.

While being exacting with the quality and finishing of my items, I like making them look naive.

I make tableware items with suave curves and lively colours, as well as more unexpected objects, according to my mood at the time.


Making sculptures in clay, is one of the most ancient ways for humans to express themselves.

Raw material, shapes, symbols. Everybody has their own story to tell.

My catalog

This catalogue shows some of the items sold in my studio. These items are made by hand, one after the other. For this reason their dimensions, shape and colours can be slightly different.

You can order by email or by phone, or come to chose at the studio.

Skill and art

As a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist, i am always looking for new ways of doing things. The act of creating imposes technical problems, therefore i search for original solutions to suit each specific case.

And that’s what i like passing on to my students. Beyond learning basic modelling techniques and getting to know the clay’s characteristics and its limits, it is a good thing to break the rules and experiment by ourselves, find our own way of creating.

This process can open up many possibilities and enables the artist to show his creative ability. I am here to guide you to reveal the artist you are.

Opening hours

tuesday, wednesday, friday
2pm – 6pm

10am – 6pm

For further information concerning Lessons and workshops please contact Atelier poterie et modelage in Beaumes de Venise.